Abbe benchtop refractometer


Abbe benchtop refractometer

  • Bench top instrument
  • Determination of refractive index of massive objects
  • Measuring concentrations
  • Scaling with Brix and RI value

The working principle of an  Abbe refractometer is based on a critical angle measurement

In the Abbe laboratory refractometer, liquid samples are placed between an illuminated prism and a dispersion prism. The dispersion prism is made of high refractive index glass and is used for samples with a refractive index lower than the refractive index of the dispersion prism. Daylight or light from a better light source is projected through the illuminated prism with a grounded bottom surface. This grounded surface acts as a diffuser that generates scattered light. A detector mounted on the back of the dispersion prism will show a light and a dark region

These refractometer can be connected to a water bath for measuring at a specific temperature. When using this type of refractometer, a cold light source with glass fiber light guide such as LE.5209 is recommended