Digital Rotary Microtome



  • precise motor stepping system to ensure section quality
  • adjustable speed (0-1800µm/s) for better sample control
  • patented visual pointer identification, keep samples at the same angle and achieve accurate sample positioning.



  • Knife guarding and retracting device, double lock system of handwheel to protect the safety of the operator
  • Alarm function of remaining injector to prompt the sectioning process in time
  • Handwheel dual lock system, lock the handwheel at any position and enhance the protection of the operator



  • Stylish and simple operation interface, easy to learn and understand
  • The 5-inch capacitive touch screen is easy to operate
  • The side sampling knob is ergonomically designed to make operation more comfortable



  • The half-knife repair function simplifies the operation process, saves time and effort.
  • Sample position memory function, one-click reset, improve sectioning efficiency
  • The historical record system can query the equipment usage and facilitate information tracking.