Dual Beam UV Spectrophotometer


Dual Beam UV Spectrophotometer for high requirements in R&D and QC with fixed bandwidth or variable, this dual-beam spectrophotometer offers the solution for almost all measurement requirements. From 190 to 1100 nm, with internal memory for methods, standard curves and spectra and many other options, incl. PC software ANALYST

  • Dual beam
  • LCD screen (320*240 dots)
  • Self-test
  • Automated wavelength adjustment
  • Automated zero setting
  • Rehearsal room for different cuvette holders
  • Including USB stick for saving methods and results
  • Functional on-board software
  • Including PC software ANALYST (photometric, kinetic, quantitative, DNA/protein measurement, multiple wavelength measurement, wavelength scan, energy scan)
  • Including factory calibration certificate