IR Concentrator


DNA-VAC can be used in various experiment for micro-protein or molecular structure. The required substances are extracted by concentrating DNA or RNA, Amino acids, Hormones, Enzymes, Protein in a short time by using vacuum pump and infrared ray.
DNA Pellet is collected into the top of tube evenly in the experiment to blend Ethanol with the samples in Microgram units in a very
Short time

New IR-emitting plate glass lid

With the use of infrared ray, the sample can be concentrated efficiently in a vacuumed chamber in a short time. The special glass has the endurance against chemicals.

Brushless DC motor

Induction motor makes almost no noise & vibration. Also. maintenance is not required because it is not necessary to replace brush.

No cross-contamination, No sample loss

The contamination and sample loss is minimized because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft.

Wide selection of rotor

Few micro-liters up to 50mL tube hold at once and plate rotor holds two 96 well micro-titer plate, simply interchangeable.

Compact, bench-top model

Built-in chemical free diaphragm vacuum pump is suitable for individual researchers with limited space.

Integrated evaporation system

8Mbar Diaphragm vacuum pump & -20℃ Cold trap & Chamber & Lid heater