Lab Consumables


Lab Consumables

  • Pipette Tips
  • Robotic Tips
  • Centrifuge Tips
  • Centrifuge Tube Rack & Pipettor Stand
  • Virus Preservation Tube
  • Micro Spin Tube
  • Cryogenic Vials
  • 96 Deep-well Plate
  • Magnetic Tip Comb
  • PCR Plate & PCR Plate Sealing Film
  • Elisa Plate
  • Cell Culture Plate
  • Prestained Protein Marker
  • Nunc Covalink NH 96 well plates flat bottom
  • Cryogenic Storage Box from For 100x 1.5, 2ml  upto 5ml Tubes Assorted colours


81-well Lab Cryogenic Storage Box

15ml Screw Cap Factory Direct Centrifuge Tubes Sterile DNase& RNase Free

200μL Disposable Sterile Filter Pipette Tips DNase RNase 










Mini Centrifuge  Portable Centrifuge
Centrifuging 8×1.5ml or 10×0.5ml centrifuge tubes or 4 ×0.2ml 8 row tubes at the same time;

Loaded with 0.2ml or 0.5ml or 1.5ml test-tube rotors : Max Speed : 7000rpm

Laboratory Decolorization Shaker 3D Composite Orbital Shaker with LED Display