Multi-Channel Controller


“GEMINI” Features two temperate controllers in single cabinet to regulate two independent reactions. The Gemini is one of     most versatile controllers featuring high power outlets and a 100 hour digital timer (on channel 1) to turn heating OFF (or ON) at a user entered time. Features include: over-temperature protection circuits with audible alarms, dual temperature displays, selectable operating modes, double fused, and 100% solid state design. Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1o C regulation of anything, NIST traceable and advanced PID algorithm. USB Port, free KEM –Net software and KEM-IO features are available.


Controller Only Complete System § Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (oC)
Cat # Cat #
Gemini-CE-T Gemini-CE-T-S T -200 to 250
Gemini-CE-J Gemini-CE-J-S J 0 to 800
Gemini-CE-K Gemini-CE-K-S K -50 to 1200
Gemini-CE-Pt Gemini-CE-Pt-S RTD -200 to 400