Programmable Syringe Pump


Available in both a single and dual pump configurations, pumps dispenses fluids with sub-microliter precision as either a single injection or continuous flow. KEM-Pump software, included with each pump, implements seven syringe pump programs that meet virtually any fluid delivery need.




  • Flow rate from 0.5µL/min to 200mL per min.
  • PC control and data logging with KEM-Pump software.
  • Available in both single and dual pump configuration. The pumps dispenses fluids with semi micro lit. Precision as either a single injection or continuous flow.
  • The KEM-Pump software, included with key features of syringe pump includes:
  1. Multi -port distribution valve delivers 14 reagents to one reactor or one reagent to 14 reactors, or any combination in between.
  2. 100% glass and Teflon fluid path stable to acids, bases, and organic solvents.