Reaction Blocks


Reaction blocks will be available in Single temperature zone, Multi temperature zone and custom made, in which three styles are chosen from heated, heated cooled, reflux.

Heated : Built-in internal heater for rapid and homogeneous heating.

Heated & Cooled: Built-in heater and internally milled coolant flow path surrounding every vial. Cooling is provided by a circulating chiller


Reflux: Three layer block. Heated bottom layer, cooled top layer, and insulating middle layer. Cooled top (condenser) maintains reflux in a capped vial. Cooling can be added to the heated bottom layer (optional) to provide heating, cooling, and reflux in the same block.


Reaction Block Evaporators:

Evaporators fit on top of the reaction block directing jets of nitrogen gas into each individual vial. Heating and gently shaking the block evaporates

solvents in a fraction of the time needed by other methods.



  • Temperature homogeneity of ±1o
  • Temperature range: -80 to 130o C/ custom temperatures available.
  • Efficient mixing, even for heterogeneous
  • Vial sizes available in: 2ml, 4ml, 8ml and 20ml/custom sizes are also available with different positions.