Standard Pilot Reactor All-in-one


Standard Pilot Reactor


Complete reactor system on unique open air, auto-center frame. Industrial body,

economical overhead stirring system and industrial connections. Supplied with the

components listed below and numbered on the 3D schematic drawing.

Designed for maximum diversity and ease of use. A simple base system building platform which allows any reactor system to be customized using catalog or custom designed parts. Each system

comes with the basic starting components required. Then simply select the motor and accessories needed to complete the setup to meet your needs. Complete your system with any of the many optional components we offer.

Standard Pilot Reactor include:

  • Auto-center frame
  • Jacketed Flask
  • Head with Clamps and O-Rings
  • Agitator, Shaft, Bearing & Collar
  • Drain Valve
  • Couplings

10L, 20L, 30, 50L and 100L standard pilot reactor.